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Anonymous has asked: Any fics where H works at a Malfoy company (not as a secretary)


Hi, check these:

  • Best Served Silly - T - After forcing his assistant, Hermione Granger, to help him pick out his son’s birthday present Draco Malfoy and said assistant suffer an unfortunate accident involving Itchy Powder. Now it’s a test of wills; whoever scratches first loses.
  • The Billionaire’s Governess - NC-17, one shot - When the newly single (and not intending to find a new man) financially struggling Hermione Granger accepts a position as Scorpius Malfoy’s governess, she thinks she has found a good job to support her young daughter, Rose. However, she does not realise that the Malfoys have not given up their Slytherin ways and are playing a game with her.
  • The Devil Wears Prada - T, 22 chapters - Witch Weekly crowned him the sexiest wizard alive, the Daily Prophet hailed him as the Most Influencial Wizard of the Year,the Gringotts Times named him the most accomplished tycoon in history, and Hermione Granger is about to call him boss. 3 guesses who
  • The Rental Agreement - T, 24 chapters - For Rent - 2 bed, 2 bath, full kitchen. Clean, private, newly refurbished building in Diagon Alley. And Hermione and Draco both want it.
  • Of Kings and Queens - M, 26 chapters - Hermione has a bad habit. Draco has a big problem. The universe has one heck of a plan.

- Lisa

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Happy Early Birthday Farah!

They look perfect together
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Marauders Aesthetics: Sirius and Regulus
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